Progressive computerization makes more and more companies need places where they can store their customers’ data. Large companies have their own server rooms, but for smaller companies this would be too costly. However, there is an idea that can solve this problem, and it is installing a server room in local stores.

The idea at first glance may seem a bit crazy, but if you think about it more, it can be quite meaningful. Large-scale stores generally have more space than they can utilize themselves. Moreover, they are electrified, have internet links and air conditioning, and their warehouses are devoid of windows, and this is another plus. Of course, it would be necessary to strengthen the walls and roofs in case of hurricanes and tornadoes, but in many cases this is not necessary as some stores have served as shelters in the past, so they have already made modifications.

Such small server rooms at the back of local stores could be ideal for small law firms, hospitals and other companies that need to store customer and patient data. This would save you a lot of money, as the cost of running such a server room would be incomparably lower than your own.