Developers in Washington support US Uber. In one of the new residential buildings, a special waiting room will be created for its customers. They will be waiting there for their means of transport.

Although in many countries Uber is not a well-liked company, because taxi companies are not able to compete with it in price and service functionality, the United States is quite good. As it was, it is increasingly supported by local developers.

For some time, some San Francisco developers have partially funded the Uber rides for the residents of their blocks, while Washington construction companies have a more interesting idea.

As the Washington Post reports, one of its developers is preparing a waiting room for Uber customers in one of its blocks. This space is simply called “Uber Room” and is a place where customers of the taxi company can wait for transportation, without having to wet in the rain or freeze in the winter. The average wait time for a Uber cab in Washington is 4-7 minutes, so this place can be very useful.

But it is a completely separate space, not part of the lobby. It has an area of ​​24 square meters and will be equipped with sofas and time-saving TVs as well as a separate entrance so as not to disturb the residents of the building.