Bots begin to enter our lives permanently, taking on various tasks. One of the latest tools of this type is Visabot, which will greatly facilitate the process of obtaining an American visa.

Facebook Messenger has shown how helpful bots can be of help to you in different tasks. They now provide technical support and also handle money transfers. As the technology improves, the scope of their responsibilities will expand considerably in the future.

An example of bot functionality is Visabot, which has just appeared in Facebook Messenger. It is a tool to assist in obtaining a US visa entitling to the United States.

Bot facilitates the completion of the visa application and also arranges for us to meet with the staff of the consulate. Obviously, Visabot will not guarantee us a visa, but it will definitely simplify the entire process of applying for a visa.

Currently, the tool only helps users to acquire two types of visas: B-2 and -1. In the future its possibilities will be extended H-1B and L-1 visas for skilled workers.