Many people love playing intellectual and sitting in front of the computer, often looking at Facebook to solve quizzes available there. Experts warn against this form of entertainment, because the applications available there may pose a threat to your privacy by collecting too much information about it.

Comparitech, which has reviewed several popular quiz apps available on a popular social networking site, found that they collect not only our personal information, but also their date and place of residence, education, information about their favorite sites or photos, browser information, language , An IP address, and even a list of friends tied to Facebook. It’s a lot of information for a simple game and so much data is gathering most applications.

Some applications give the user the ability to choose which information they want to share, but in many cases the program does not work properly if we try to restrict access to our data.

The biggest problem, however, is not that applications collect data, but for what they do. For example, the company, the creator of Most Used Words on Facebook, has a record in its rules that gives it the right to use the information even if the user deletes the account. They can also be stored on servers around the world, including in places where there is no legal protection of personal data. Although the company ensures that it will not share your data without informing you, but there is a record in the rules that can be considered as such notification. In other words, the company can freely sell the data to sell to whom it wants.