The robot sets a cube in a second

People have been competing in Rubik’s cube for years, but since the beginning of the robots, even the hottest homo sapiens have not had the slightest chance. The latest machine created for this purpose, the cult cube is set in just over a second.

For a few years, engineers from all over the world have competed with each other to build a robot created for the Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible. In 2014, one of these machines set a world record, performing this task in 3.253 seconds. It was an incredibly quick dice puzzle, but it turned out that this time could be even shorter.

This was demonstrated by Jay Flatland and Paul Rose, who jointly built a specialized machine made of metal frame, stepper motors and four high resolution cameras that control the condition of the ankle. The whole was created using a 3D printer.

The robot is connected to a PC equipped with Linux, which serves as his brain, while the engine is controlled by an Arduino controller.…

Microsoft Windows 10 cutscene

Media reports that Microsoft is working on a new, tweaked version of Windows 10. The platform called Windows 10 Cloud is designed for mobile devices.

Windows 10 has already mastered the personal computer market, and several hundred million copies of it are installed on both home and laptop computers. The Redmond company apparently is not enough, as it is working on a new, more refined version of the platform for new devices.

The Windows 10 Cloud, which in internal Microsoft employees’ calls is called the Cloud Shell, is intended to be a diminutive version of a well-known platform, devoid of some of the features we can currently use.

Details of this project are not yet known, but Microsoft some time ago confirmed that Windows 10 provides full support for devices with ARM processors. Perhaps the company specifically plans to develop a new system for them.

However, this message poses a big question mark to the future of Windows 10 Mobile, which currently supports smartphones and tablets. Unofficially it is said that Windows 10 Cloud can be a slightly improved version of Windows 10 Mobile, designed for devices with poor technical specifications, thanks to which functions will work very smoothly.…

Will local shopping centers turn into server rooms?

Progressive computerization makes more and more companies need places where they can store their customers’ data. Large companies have their own server rooms, but for smaller companies this would be too costly. However, there is an idea that can solve this problem, and it is installing a server room in local stores.

The idea at first glance may seem a bit crazy, but if you think about it more, it can be quite meaningful. Large-scale stores generally have more space than they can utilize themselves. Moreover, they are electrified, have internet links and air conditioning, and their warehouses are devoid of windows, and this is another plus. Of course, it would be necessary to strengthen the walls and roofs in case of hurricanes and tornadoes, but in many cases this is not necessary as some stores have served as shelters in the past, so they have already made modifications.

Such small server rooms at the back of local stores could be ideal for small law firms, hospitals and other companies that need to store customer and patient data. This would save you a lot of money, as the cost of running such a server room would be incomparably lower than your own.…

Hospitals poorly protect patient data

A study published in the medical journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” shows that hospitals are very poorly protected personal data of patients. Many databases are vulnerable to hackers and the information they contain can be used to steal your identity.

Hackers in recent years have intensified attacks on computer systems, and their purpose is primarily the networks that store people’s personal information. This is the most valuable commodity, as it can serve many types of crime, and the most dangerous of them is identity theft. An offender having full personal data of the victim, may undergo it, borrowing money, etc.

However, it turns out that for cybercriminals the most valuable source of personal data is hospitals. The latest report published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that institutions are the easiest target because they do not adequately protect their systems. Researchers have detected nearly 1,800 cases of theft of a large number of patients over the past seven years.

There were 1798 such cases, of which 1225 were related to medical facilities, while the rest was related to health care business partners such as insurance companies, hospital cleaning companies, etc. Hospitals were hacked 257 times, with 33 hospitals falling victim to hackers many times.…

Waiting rooms for Uber customers

Developers in Washington support US Uber. In one of the new residential buildings, a special waiting room will be created for its customers. They will be waiting there for their means of transport.

Although in many countries Uber is not a well-liked company, because taxi companies are not able to compete with it in price and service functionality, the United States is quite good. As it was, it is increasingly supported by local developers.

For some time, some San Francisco developers have partially funded the Uber rides for the residents of their blocks, while Washington construction companies have a more interesting idea.

As the Washington Post reports, one of its developers is preparing a waiting room for Uber customers in one of its blocks. This space is simply called “Uber Room” and is a place where customers of the taxi company can wait for transportation, without having to wet in the rain or freeze in the winter. The average wait time for a Uber cab in Washington is 4-7 minutes, so this place can be very useful.

But it is a completely separate space, not part of the lobby. It has an area of ​​24 square meters and will be equipped with sofas and time-saving TVs as well as a separate entrance so as not to disturb the residents of the building.…

Our Favorite Android, IOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

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  • Transworld Endless Skater
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  • DEAD TARGET: Zombie
  • Guess the song
  • Hotel My Phone

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An army of bots in the fight against cheaters

Jolly Roger is working on a bot army that will fight the cheaters attacking computer owners. Their job will be to take scammers, who will provide technical support to Microsoft and other companies.

Scammers are very creative and have a lot of ways to get big money out of our pocket. Recently, more and more popular is getting a scam on fake technical support. Fraudsters call out to random people, claiming Microsoft technical support, and warn of a computer infection that must be made as soon as possible. They are asking for money remotely to clean the computer, but in fact they install it with different types of malware, then demand another payment for the removal.

Jolly Roger believes, however, that it has found a solution to this type of scam, and is working on creating a bot army that will fight it with Broadside. The company creates bots that call fraudsters, block their lines and take up their employees.

From the records posted on the -am-going-to-eradicate-the-inbound-windows-support-scam / company website, bots are very effective in what they do. They were so designed that they sound like a human, so the cheaters think they talk to the living people.…

Visabot on Facebook Messenger will help you get an American visa

Bots begin to enter our lives permanently, taking on various tasks. One of the latest tools of this type is Visabot, which will greatly facilitate the process of obtaining an American visa.

Facebook Messenger has shown how helpful bots can be of help to you in different tasks. They now provide technical support and also handle money transfers. As the technology improves, the scope of their responsibilities will expand considerably in the future.

An example of bot functionality is Visabot, which has just appeared in Facebook Messenger. It is a tool to assist in obtaining a US visa entitling to the United States.

Bot facilitates the completion of the visa application and also arranges for us to meet with the staff of the consulate. Obviously, Visabot will not guarantee us a visa, but it will definitely simplify the entire process of applying for a visa.

Currently, the tool only helps users to acquire two types of visas: B-2 and -1. In the future its possibilities will be extended H-1B and L-1 visas for skilled workers.…

Android conquers televisions

At the press conference Lenovo key products and strategies were presented by CEO Yang Yuanquing.

One of the most surprising and interesting premieres is Lenovo SmartTV, the world’s first Android 4.0 TV. The device is equipped with an IPS LED backlit display (55 “or 42”) and can be operated via a smartphone or tablet. Eg by voice. A representative of the company presented this feature as an example of a movie search. After saying the word “ocean” Ocean), the device displayed a list of adequate video content.

With Android operating system, it is possible to install and use applications, as well as to use services available in the cloud.

According to Lenovo, the future of PCs is a versatile and extremely mobile computing. The most interesting product in this category is IdeaPad Yoga. It is super-thin (only 17mm) ultrabook with Windows 8. The computer has a 13.3 inch, multifunction display which, when disconnected, can be used as a tablet. In addition, the device is equipped with a standard feature set: gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS.

How to squeeze maximum from TV?

Battery strength is according to. Producer about 8 hours.…

An international swindle of scammers shattered

American law enforcement agencies have broken up an international gang of criminals scamming money. Business activity over the years could expose American citizens to losses of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nowadays, it’s easy to fall prey to fraudsters who use increasingly sophisticated techniques to get us to give them money. Luckily, law enforcement agencies are successful at times in the fight against such scams and arrests of members of well organized criminal groups.

One such group was shattered at the end of last week. American services have arrested international gang members by accusing them of conspiracy to commit crimes, fraud and money laundering. 20 people were detained in the USA, while another few hundred in Mumbai.

Shamak was impersonating the treasurer and the immigration office. Its members telephoned to American citizens, demanding repayment on credit cards. If the victim refused, then she was threatened with detention, deportation or large fines. Fraudulent scenarios also included false loans and government grants.…