The University of Rochester researchers have succeeded in creating a completely new polymer that can play an important role in the future in the field of medical applications. The new material has the ability to preserve its shape, but it can also return to its original shape, and the process is activated only by body temperature.

Memory-form materials are not uncommon today, are used in various industries and can be found in sleeping mattresses or headphones. Such material has been developed by scientists from the University of Rochester, but their invention is somewhat more advanced.

The new polymer created by the researchers has quite unusual properties. It can be tampered with, giving a new shape that will be preserved by him. Just touch it to the body, and then the heat will make the material return to its original shape. This is not important, but the fact that it returns huge amounts of stored energy when it returns to its original shape.

There are really many and experiments have shown that at this time the polymer can lift a mass 1000 times its own weight. During one of the tests, a shoelace sized piece was able to carry a liter bottle of water.