Media reports that Microsoft is working on a new, tweaked version of Windows 10. The platform called Windows 10 Cloud is designed for mobile devices.

Windows 10 has already mastered the personal computer market, and several hundred million copies of it are installed on both home and laptop computers. The Redmond company apparently is not enough, as it is working on a new, more refined version of the platform for new devices.

The Windows 10 Cloud, which in internal Microsoft employees’ calls is called the Cloud Shell, is intended to be a diminutive version of a well-known platform, devoid of some of the features we can currently use.

Details of this project are not yet known, but Microsoft some time ago confirmed that Windows 10 provides full support for devices with ARM processors. Perhaps the company specifically plans to develop a new system for them.

However, this message poses a big question mark to the future of Windows 10 Mobile, which currently supports smartphones and tablets. Unofficially it is said that Windows 10 Cloud can be a slightly improved version of Windows 10 Mobile, designed for devices with poor technical specifications, thanks to which functions will work very smoothly.