A study published in the medical journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” shows that hospitals are very poorly protected personal data of patients. Many databases are vulnerable to hackers and the information they contain can be used to steal your identity.

Hackers in recent years have intensified attacks on computer systems, and their purpose is primarily the networks that store people’s personal information. This is the most valuable commodity, as it can serve many types of crime, and the most dangerous of them is identity theft. An offender having full personal data of the victim, may undergo it, borrowing money, etc.

However, it turns out that for cybercriminals the most valuable source of personal data is hospitals. The latest report published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that institutions are the easiest target because they do not adequately protect their systems. Researchers have detected nearly 1,800 cases of theft of a large number of patients over the past seven years.

There were 1798 such cases, of which 1225 were related to medical facilities, while the rest was related to health care business partners such as insurance companies, hospital cleaning companies, etc. Hospitals were hacked 257 times, with 33 hospitals falling victim to hackers many times.