In 2013, the American company Ford announced the creation of a robot that was designed to test new vehicles and test their behavior in all driving conditions. After two years of construction, it is getting closer to completion, and Autonomous Solutions, Inc. is helping to create it.

Every new model car must go through exhaustive, multi-month tests before it goes into production, in which the vehicle is tested under various road conditions, in burning heat and high temperatures, on slippery and dry surfaces, In other words, you need to make sure that all of its components work properly, will not break down when you leave the living room, and will also manage the slippery road, that is simply eliminating all the weak points.

Nowadays this task is handled by factory drivers, but maybe in a few years, they will replace their robots. Ford engineers, along with Autonomous Solutions, Inc., are designing such a test-driven vehicle to simulate years of use in the real world.

The machine that replaces a human will be able to perform tests without interruption and to do so much more accurately, which during long-term tests of new models will certainly be a much cheaper solution than test drivers.

The test performed by the machine will simulate normal use of the car, and as the Ford engineers say, a few months’ test will be a simulation of a 10-year vehicle operation under standard conditions. This will allow you to assess the life of components and make the necessary adjustments to your car’s design.

The developed robot controls the car in the same way as a man does, ie, turns the steering wheel, uses accelerator pedal, brake and clutch pedal as well as gear lever. With special software, the machine will be able to perform specific tasks by repeating the desired number of steps.