American law enforcement agencies have broken up an international gang of criminals scamming money. Business activity over the years could expose American citizens to losses of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nowadays, it’s easy to fall prey to fraudsters who use increasingly sophisticated techniques to get us to give them money. Luckily, law enforcement agencies are successful at times in the fight against such scams and arrests of members of well organized criminal groups.

One such group was shattered at the end of last week. American services have arrested international gang members by accusing them of conspiracy to commit crimes, fraud and money laundering. 20 people were detained in the USA, while another few hundred in Mumbai.

Shamak was impersonating the treasurer and the immigration office. Its members telephoned to American citizens, demanding repayment on credit cards. If the victim refused, then she was threatened with detention, deportation or large fines. Fraudulent scenarios also included false loans and government grants.