Jolly Roger is working on a bot army that will fight the cheaters attacking computer owners. Their job will be to take scammers, who will provide technical support to Microsoft and other companies.

Scammers are very creative and have a lot of ways to get big money out of our pocket. Recently, more and more popular is getting a scam on fake technical support. Fraudsters call out to random people, claiming Microsoft technical support, and warn of a computer infection that must be made as soon as possible. They are asking for money remotely to clean the computer, but in fact they install it with different types of malware, then demand another payment for the removal.

Jolly Roger believes, however, that it has found a solution to this type of scam, and is working on creating a bot army that will fight it with Broadside. The company creates bots that call fraudsters, block their lines and take up their employees.

From the records posted on the -am-going-to-eradicate-the-inbound-windows-support-scam / company website, bots are very effective in what they do. They were so designed that they sound like a human, so the cheaters think they talk to the living people.