Game for the throne again the most favorite series of 2015

Producers of the series The Tron Game is certainly enjoying its popularity and millions of followers watching every episode. However, viewers who view this production are not only paying subscribers for access to the HBO channel, but also fans who refer to it in a less legitimate way.

TorrentFreak, like every year, has compiled a list of television productions, which in 2015 were the most favorite. As you may have guessed, the winner of this unfortunate plebiscite, like last year, proved to be the hugely popular HBO thriller Game of the Tron.

From the published-of-the-most-pirated-tv-show-of-2015 report, this year saw a total of 14.4 million viewers via the BitTorrent network. In the second place was the series The Walking Dead telling the world dominated by zombies, who in front of the computer screens attracted 6.9 million viewers. In the third position was comedy series The Big Bang Theory, which was watched by 4.4 million people.

For HBO, piracy can be a serious problem, as the TorrentFreak report points out that twice as many people downloaded the final episode of the fifth season of the Throne Game than they watched it on television. The reason for this is probably the need to pay a subscription fee for HBO, which is $ 15 per month. Many people think that this is too pricey, so they will save that money, and hence, in the case of this series, there is such a high level of piracy.

Not only this series seems to raise more interest on torrents than on normal television. With other productions is similar and eg debut, pretty badly rated serial Mr..The robot attracted an average of 1.75 million people in front of the TVs, while the average number of episodes was about 3.5 million. The larger audience on the network than on television also had the lawsuit Suits series, which was respectively 2.38 million on TV and 2.6 million on torrrents. Of course, the above data is of course one segment.

In turn, one of the series, which is more eager to watch on television than downloaded from the network, is the aforementioned The Big Bang Theory, whose episodes watched an average of 18.3 million people. Similar to The Walking Dead, which had 15.78 million spectators in front of television sets.…

The robot sets a cube in a second

People have been competing in Rubik’s cube for years, but since the beginning of the robots, even the hottest homo sapiens have not had the slightest chance. The latest machine created for this purpose, the cult cube is set in just over a second.

For a few years, engineers from all over the world have competed with each other to build a robot created for the Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible. In 2014, one of these machines set a world record, performing this task in 3.253 seconds. It was an incredibly quick dice puzzle, but it turned out that this time could be even shorter.

This was demonstrated by Jay Flatland and Paul Rose, who jointly built a specialized machine made of metal frame, stepper motors and four high resolution cameras that control the condition of the ankle. The whole was created using a 3D printer.

The robot is connected to a PC equipped with Linux, which serves as his brain, while the engine is controlled by an Arduino controller.…

Microsoft Windows 10 cutscene

Media reports that Microsoft is working on a new, tweaked version of Windows 10. The platform called Windows 10 Cloud is designed for mobile devices.

Windows 10 has already mastered the personal computer market, and several hundred million copies of it are installed on both home and laptop computers. The Redmond company apparently is not enough, as it is working on a new, more refined version of the platform for new devices.

The Windows 10 Cloud, which in internal Microsoft employees’ calls is called the Cloud Shell, is intended to be a diminutive version of a well-known platform, devoid of some of the features we can currently use.

Details of this project are not yet known, but Microsoft some time ago confirmed that Windows 10 provides full support for devices with ARM processors. Perhaps the company specifically plans to develop a new system for them.

However, this message poses a big question mark to the future of Windows 10 Mobile, which currently supports smartphones and tablets. Unofficially it is said that Windows 10 Cloud can be a slightly improved version of Windows 10 Mobile, designed for devices with poor technical specifications, thanks to which functions will work very smoothly.…