The Russians are working on an atomic train

Russians are no longer enough modern trains moving on the magnetic cushion and want to continue to run for the future. They are working on a train powered by a nuclear reactor.

The Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency, and Russian Railways, have announced joint plans to build a nuclear propulsion train. For now, this is a mere dream, as not only are the costs of this venture known, but the ways in which it is used to protect passengers are unknown, because the reactor is, however, much more dangerous to drive than a normal diesel engine and in the event of a rail disaster, it would be uninteresting.

Nevertheless, the originators claim that this idea is possible, and that such an atomic locomotive could easily be transformed into a mobile power plant, providing energy to saunas, laundries and green homes.

The concept of vehicles powered by nuclear reactors is not new. Ford Motor Company already in 1958 created an atomic car project, driven by a small reactor located in the rear of the vehicle. Of course the car never came into production. It was similar with the design of the atomic vacuum cleaner.

So it seems that the idea of ​​the Russians will end only on the project and we will not hear more of it.…